• Q-Up Arts Sonic Images Library Vol.1-2 AKAi-TZ7iSO
    January 3rd, 2021
    Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples

    Q-Up Arts Sonic Images Library Vol.1-2 AKAi-TZ7iSO

    Sonic Images Library Vol.1-2 AKAi

    TZ7iSO | 04.26.2003 | Vol.1+Vol.2: 265.17 MB

    Musical Effects, Drums & Percussion, Synth, Orchestral, Choir blends. A standard in anyone´s rack. This acclaimed library was created by film & television composer Christopher Franke (former Tangerine Dream). Christophers credits include Babylon 5, Universal Soldier, Risky Business and many others. The library encompasses everything from magesy download lush string and choir pads, to compelling musical effect and percussion.

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    • Total Control eMOOG E-MU-TZ7iSO
      November 15th, 2020
      Categories: Audio Samples, E-MU, Presets

      Total Control eMOOG Emu-TZ7iSO

      Total Control eMOOG E-MU

      Team TZ7iSO | 05.05.2004 | 398.97 MB

      Imagine a real analogue synthesizer that’s easy to operate, with direct access to the sound – just turn the filter-, modulation- and envelope-knobs, and the sound changes immediately. No complex menu structures, no boring parameter dialing.

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      • E-MU Planet Phatt KONTAKT EMU
        November 6th, 2020

        E-MU Planet Phatt KONTAKT EMU Magesy

        E-MU Planet Phatt

        TZ7iSO | 11.29.2003 | E-MU: 353 MB | KONTAKT: 173 MB

        E-mu’s synth module designed with classic hip hop, modern R&B, acid jazz and trip hop in mind! All the sounds you need to create PHATT tracks! Tight basslines and thumpin’ 808 kicks, this box has it all. It also includes all the common lead and rhythmic sounds in hip hop, rap and R&B. The BEATS mode is great magesy torrent for generating grooves and ideas that you can jam with! Oh yeah, and the sounds are great! They have very analog-like controls such as filters, envelopes and LFO modulation effects! And everything is MIDI controllable! A definite must for any PHATT situation, as it is already being used by dozens of famous artists already, including Roni Size, ATB, and Hardfloor!

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        • E-MU Formula 4000 Series Vol.4 Earth Tones EMU
          September 25th, 2020
          Categories: Audio Samples, E-MU

          E-MU Formula 4000 Series Vol.4 Earth Tones

          Team TZ7iSO | 11.30.2003 | 194.41 MB

          Based on the legendary Planet Earth Module from magesy download emu, This CDRom features a gamut of instruments from magesy download the global village organized into 56 banks ranging from magesy download 2MB to 32MB in memory size. Many of the sounds are expanded and improved versions of those from magesy download the famous Proteus 3 World module augmented by extras from magesy download the E-MU Sound Central sampling archives. Whether you are composing world music or exploring goa/trance or ambient dance music, you will find something to bang your drum!

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          • ZG Creative Inspiration Essential Virus EMU-TZ7iSO
            September 24th, 2020
            Categories: Audio Samples, E-MU

            ZG Creative Inspiration Essential Virus EMU-TZ7iSO

            Inspiration Essential Virus EMU

            Team TZ7iSO | 12.09.2003 | 403.72 MB

            1997 Access developed a new line of synthesizers with the Virus A. Immediately completed with the “B” Serie and right now the “C” serie. This cd rom is a compilation of the best sounds of that great magesy torrent and popular Synth collection. The particularity of those synths is the kewl granular and warm textures possibilities wich made them sounds so “vinty”. No doubts that the sxceptional sounds quality gave these synths their popular “griff”.

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            • ZG Creative Inspiration Essential JP8000 EMU-TZ7iSO
              July 24th, 2020
              Categories: Audio Samples, E-MU

              ZG Creative Inspiration Essential JP8000 EMU-TZ7iSO

              Essential JP8000 E-MU

              Team TZ7iSO | 12.09.2003 | 159.90 MB

              Rated “Best Analog Synth Of the World” in ’97, the machine had some nice features like Real Time Control over the whole parameters, Quasi infinite sound textures possibilities, Direct and real time access to the midi sysex, and much more… This CDRom without being exhaustive stills a good usable bank of sound directly sampled from magesy download the legendary Synth.

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              • ZG Creative Inspiration Essential Orbit EMU-TZ7iSO
                July 24th, 2020
                Categories: Audio Samples, E-MU

                ZG Creative Inspiration Essential Orbit EMU-TZ7iSO

                Essential Orbit E-MU

                Team TZ7iSO | 11.29.2003 | 380.25 MB

                In 1996, E-MU introduced its popular Orbit The Dance Planet sound module, especially designed for the techno, trance, and industrial crowds. The popularity of dance and techno music has made Orbit a hit with D.J.’s and remix artists. This Emu CD features over 500 cutting edge sounds from magesy download the Orbit module that will drive the dance floor all night long! Sub sonic basses, chord hits, synth pads, and killer kits will take your music into the next dimension. Take a peek at this one and before you know it, you’ll be grooving to the sounds of classic synths, stabs, one-note chords, bubbling basses, filter-swept pads, electro drum kits, and much more!

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