• Dusty Jazz Beats WAV
    April 15th, 2021
    Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

    Dusty Jazz Beats WAV

    Dusty Jazz Beats

    HiDERA | 15 August 2020 | 400 MB

    Dusty sound design, lo-fi hip hop beats, and jazz sourced melodics, Sunset Reflections – Dusty Jazz Beats comes packed with hundreds of expertly recorded and processed loops and one-shots. Inspired by rustic jazz records and bedroom beats, this pack is jammed with a slew of vintage horns, dusty drums beats, laidback guitars for an expansive collection of expertly crafted and curated sounds highlighting the best of jazz, lounge, hip hop, and more.

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    • Trippie Redd Type MiDi Kit WAV
      April 15th, 2021
      Categories: Patterns MIDI

      Trippie Redd Type MiDi Kit WAV

      Trippie Redd Type MiDi

      HiDERA | 15 April 2021 | 39 MB

      500 MIDI Loops (Melodies)

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      • Imdadkhani Sitar WAV
        April 15th, 2021
        Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

        Imdadkhani Sitar WAV

        Imdadkhani Sitar

        HiDERA | 15 August 2020 | 493 MB

        Renowned Indian sitar player demonstrates a comprehensive collection of sitar artistry. We recorded his arresting performance with a Bock 47 – Great River to fully capture every pluck, flutter, and slide, as well as the instrument’s rich overtones. The resulting loops and one-shots are beautiful, varied, and powerful: Mukerjee simultaneously bends notes and time. This pack is especially recommended for use in any tracks that lead to the stratosphere.

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        • Rare Rhythm Boxes WAV KONTAKT
          April 15th, 2021
          Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT, WAV

          Rare Rhythm Boxes WAV KONTAKT

          Rare Rhythm Boxes

          HiDERA | 15 August 2020 | 355 MB

          Famous and studio-familiar drum machines like the 707 and 808 are legendary, but wouldn’t have come to be without some percussive precursors like the Acetone FR6, the Korg Minipops SR120, and the Wurlitzer Swinging Rhythm. We found these forgotten analog rhythm boxes and recorded them through more analog warmth, then chopped them up into crunchy one-shots and created trap- and boom-bap-inspired loops and some plug-and-play Kontakt instruments, so you can build your beats with the workflow you know.

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          • Soul Roots WAV
            April 15th, 2021
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Soul Roots WAV

            Soul Roots WAV

            HiDERA | 16 August 2020 | 188 MB

            If you’ve lived in NYC for long enough, you know Cover Story. The acapella doo wop group has been busking in the city for decades. The five men came up in the 60s and 70s, absorbing all kinds of music, including doo wop, a voices-only, more popular distillation of r&b. They sang in separate soul projects and doo-wop groups, but found something special when they combined their voices. Even now, Cover Story’s music truly exemplifies the delicate doo wop of yesteryear in both music and mood, but “with the feeling of gospel”. This is the same doo wop that directly influenced hip hop and modern pop. We captured their silken vocals and heavy harmonies in Brooklyn at Aura. We used a Beyerdynamic MC930, Avedis MA5 preamps, and a Bock 47 through a Great River preamp. The pack from that performance is full of lovelorn loops and wistful one-shots, and is perfect for any production that needs some background vocals that might steal your girl.

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            • Metal Structures WAV KONTAKT
              April 15th, 2021
              Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT, WAV

              Metal Structures WAV KONTAKT

              Metal Structures

              HiDERA | 16 August 2020 | 539 MB

              Saying Ian Chang is a drummer is like saying a unicorn is a horse. Sure, it’s accurate, but it’s not the whole story. A more apt assessment is that Chang is the percussionist evolved: part human, part machine. He uses a complex array of drum triggers to play and manipulate samples live, fusing real-world drums with abstracted sources so that they’re interacting and infecting each other. The juxtaposition of computer-manipulated sounds and the natural swing of Chang’s playing is striking. It gives his music a biomechanical quality that’s hard to pin down. It’s like free jazz, marching band cadences, breakcore, and a bucket drummer all built a beautiful, beat-driven baby. We met up with Ian at a metal shop and recorded him playing not-so-rudimentary rudiments and polyrhythms on anything he could find. He hit scrap metal, pipes, and machines that sounded strange. We recorded his performance on a Zoom HR4 with a Sennheiser K6 with an ME66 shotgun microphone and ME64 cardioid modules, where appropriate. We processed the sounds, sliced them into loops and one-shots, then turned the most melodic lines into a scripted Kontakt instrument (which we’ve included in the pack) and made even more loops and presets from that.

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