• Interface Vintage AKAi-TZ7iSO
    February 11th, 2021
    Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples

    Interface Vintage AKAi-TZ7iSO

    Interface Vintage AKAi

    Team TZ7iSO | 11.26.2003 | 129.06 MB

    This one is a small collection but hellah good one for the Vintage aficionados!!! Including sounds from magesy download the top 50 best synths of their time like: ARP, Casio, Korg, Moog, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits and many more… + a couple of Drum Machine of the same time like the famous TR808/909 and so…

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    • 800 Production Effects AKAi KONTAKT
      January 27th, 2021
      Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples, KONTAKT

      800 Production Effects AKAi KONTAKT

      800 Production Effects AKAi KONTAKT

      KRock | December 07 2013 | 633.28 MB

      This CD-ROM includes more than 800 stereo effects designed for film, commercials, multimedia, and dance production. Useful for beginnings and endings, dance FX, drum’n’bass, science fiction, nature, scratches, noises, alarms, voice FX, and numerous atmospheres.

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      • SYNTH CiTY Vol.1 AKAi 2CDs-TZ7iSO
        January 25th, 2021
        Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples

        SYNTH CiTY Vol.1 AKAi 2CDs-TZ7iSO

        SYNTH CiTY Vol.1 AKAi

        TZ7iSO | 06.07.2001 | 831 MB

        The Synth City collection from magesy download USB will take you on a journey in the sonic world of the most famous synths on the planet. Each volume of Synth City is a double Akai CD-ROM set chock-full of synth sounds, for the price of one. Superb sounds from magesy download the best synthesizers ever created, all ready to play from magesy download your sampler.

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        • Kitch 70s AKAi-DViSO
          January 24th, 2021
          Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples

          Big Fish Audio Kitch 70s AKAi-DViSO

          Kitch 70s AKAi

          Team DViSO | 09-04-2003 | 372.07 MB

          Made with numerous vinyl manipulations, the loops of Kitch 70’s breathe authenticity. With beats from magesy download 84-133 bpm on audio CD or on CD-ROM with midi files, it’s a snap to inject the sound of the 70’s into your mix. A massive undertaking of more than 30,000 12″ records were reviewed to make this disc a true 70’s child. The accent is on extreme sound quality, tons of material and the very best of this era’s sound.

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          • Q-Up Arts Sonic Images Library Vol.1-2 AKAi-TZ7iSO
            January 3rd, 2021
            Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples

            Q-Up Arts Sonic Images Library Vol.1-2 AKAi-TZ7iSO

            Sonic Images Library Vol.1-2 AKAi

            TZ7iSO | 04.26.2003 | Vol.1+Vol.2: 265.17 MB

            Musical Effects, Drums & Percussion, Synth, Orchestral, Choir blends. A standard in anyone´s rack. This acclaimed library was created by film & television composer Christopher Franke (former Tangerine Dream). Christophers credits include Babylon 5, Universal Soldier, Risky Business and many others. The library encompasses everything from magesy download lush string and choir pads, to compelling musical effect and percussion.

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            • E-LAB X-static Goldmine Vol.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 AKAi KONTAKT WAV
              December 18th, 2020

              E-LAB X-static Goldmine Vol.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 AKAi WAV-P2P

              E-LAB X-static Goldmine Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

              MERRY XMAS MaGeSY® | KONTAKT, WAV, AKAi | 4.79 GB

              E-Lab X-Static Goldmine 1 The world famous X-Static Goldmine 1. The largest sample CD ever! 4000 loops and samples in Akai format. All sounds from magesy download the two classics – XL1 and X-Static Goldmine. Hip Hop breaks, electronic beats, House grooves, vocoder loops, Tekno loops, Acid 303 loops, synth zaps, warped noises, vector pads, ambient drones, atmospheric swirls, moog bass, chords, acid bleeps, 303 tones, didgeridoos, ethnic flutes, horn stabs, flute riffs, string runs, sax tones, organ tones, guitar tschaks, multi-sampled 808 & 909 drums, vinyl style, Kraftwerk percussion, CR78 drums, tape FX, chants, rolls, robot speech, moans, crowd noises and much much more!

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              • East West Symphonic Adventures WAV KONTAKT AKAi CD-ALFiSO
                November 26th, 2020

                East West Symphonic Adventures WAV KONTAKT AKAi CD-ALFiSO

                Symphonic Adventures

                P2P/ALFiSO | 12-01-2003 | KONTAKT: 251 MB | AKAi: 389 MB

                Symphonic Adventures is a collection of samples especially for film composers and musicians requiring powerful strings, FX, phrases, suspense, moods, etc. Symphonic Adventures explores the darker side of the orchestra with a huge set of immaculately performed and recorded stereo samples.

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                • Peter Siedlaczeks Smart Violins AKAi 4CDs Set
                  November 11th, 2020
                  Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples

                  Peter Siedlaczeks Smart Violins AKAi 4CDs Set

                  Peter Siedlaczeks Smart Violins

                  Team: SoSiSO | Jan 13, 2005 | 4CDs Set | 1.77 GB

                  Once again, Germany’s premier orchestral team unites to bring the sounds of the orchestra to your sampler. The statistics of this release are impressive: a 16-violin ensemble performs around 3500 different licks and 200 multisamples, spread across four CDs. The idea is to provide a library of useful phrases for pop and dance production. There are three main phrase categories: first, and most obvious, are fast (mainly 16th-note) runs, which come in four flavours: straight ascending, straight descending, ‘sawtooth’ and ‘wavy’ ascending, the latter based on a rising series of four fast up-and-down phrases. Next come rather solemn slow phrases, of which there are two types: an arpeggio figure spanning ten scale steps, and a rising phrase based on the first five notes of the scale. All fast runs and slow phrases are based on the major scale, and all come to rest on a final half note.

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                  • KORG 01/W AKAi INTERNAL-PHOTONE
                    October 15th, 2020
                    Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples

                    KORG 01-W AKAi INTERNAL-PHOTONE

                    KORG 01/W AKAi

                    PHOTONE | 16th September 2016 | 534.6 MB

                    Korg’s 01/W workstation synthesizer debuted in 1991 as the follow-up to the popular M1. The 01/W was the second chapter in Korg’s workstation legacy, which goes on to this day with the Triton and Oasys series. The 01/W was geared towards beginning home studio enthusiasts that wanted to take a step further into a more professional realm. Compared with the M1, the 01/W featured many enhancements including a more dynamic 16-track sequencer (the M1 only had 8-tracks), 254 real world sampled instruments to the M1’s 100, polyphony was doubled from magesy download 16 to 32 voices, and greater overall control.The 01/W synthesis engine is based on Korg’s own AI2 sample + synthesis design. AI2 was so successful that most later Korg magesy synths in the 90’s were also based on the new magesy synthesis method. The 01/W is by no means difficult to program. There is a Quick Edit feature where you can adjust the parameters to the sounds you want by using eight soft buttons. That included octave, wave-shaping intensity, filter EG, VDA level, attack, release and effects level. Like the M1, the 01/W lets you layer up to eight Programs simultaneously to create a powerful Combination. Even without getting into the editing interface, the ability to layer any of the 200 programs together means you can create many diverse and interesting sounds.

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                    • KORG X5D AKAi INTERNAL-PHOTONE
                      October 15th, 2020
                      Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples

                      KORG X5D AKAi INTERNAL-PHOTONE

                      KORG X5D AKAi

                      PHOTONE | 16th September 2016 | 529.8 MB

                      The X5D is an entry level keyboard from magesy download Korg. It basically offers Korg’s acclaimed Ai2 sound engine (from magesy download the 01/w series) packed into a small, lightweight, affordable package! Being an entry-level keyboard, the usual luxuries such as aftertouch and an internal power supply have been omitted, and it lacks an arpeggiator or a sequencer, however it more than makes up for this in sound.sounds of your own. The preset sounds vary widely, from magesy download complex pads and magesy SFX sounds, to pianos, organs and orchestral instruments. Some of these sound dated in this day and age, the piano sound is a little on the thin side to say the least, but the string, pad and organ sounds can still hold their own against much newer keyboards! Korg have even included some classic voices from magesy download their iconic M1 workstation. The famous ‘Universe’ and ‘M1 Piano’ sounds are present in the X5D.

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