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    Virus Ti Masterclass TUTORiAL

    FANTASTiC | 20 June 2018 | 893 MB

    The Access Virus Ti. Arguably the most Powerful and Versatile VA Hardware synth on the market. This course is aimed at giving you the knowledge you need to make your own sounds from magesy download the Virus Control plug in. It is suitable to everyone who owns a virus TI, whether a TI Snow or a TI Polar, from magesy download beginner to pro. Every knob / slider , feature and function is explored in detail. with over 6 hrs of tutorials split into 14 videos. Each covering different sections for you to return to whenever you need. We brush on synthesis basics as we move through the course as I explain what each element does and how it effects the overall sound you are creating.

    This course comes with the added bonus of 40 of my personal patches i have created. A good mixed bag for you to use or de-construct to further your knowledge of the Virus and how it works.

    Every knob / slider , feature and function is explored in detail
    •1.1 An overview of the virus control plug in and intro to the layout of the course and different sections we will cover.
    •1.2 easy page – A look at the easy page and its functionality to quickly change basic parameters without diving too deep in the rest of the plug in.
    •1.3 Browser page. I talk about the structure of the browser page and how to save / store and recall patches.

    Part 2 – Classic and Hypersaw oscillators
    •2.1 explore the classic oscillators, the oscillator common and fm sections as well as the mixer section
    •2.2 Hypersaw oscillators and the detune / sync features

    Part 3 – The 3 different wavetable modes
    •3.1 Standard wavetables
    •3.2 Formant wavetables
    •3.3 Grain Wavetables

    Part 4 – Filter section
    •4.1 Filter modes and general layout
    •4.2 on page modulation knobs
    •4.3 Filter common section including routing and saturation options
    •4.3 Filter and Aux envelopes
    •4.4 Amplifier section

    Part 5 – LFO page
    •5.1 talk about what an lfo is, and does
    •5.2 The different lfo shapes and modes including free running, clock locked and envelope mode
    •5.3 on page modulation destinations and there uses

    Part 6 – Arpeggiator
    •6.1 overview of the Arp and arpeggiator settings
    •6.2 The pattern editor and how you can create you own patterns / sequences
    •6.3 Talk about using the step sequencer as a mod source and how to use it to modulate any parameter.

    Part 7 – Characters and distortion sections
    •7.1 explain the different characters and there ability to emulate Analog synthesizers
    •7.2 the distortion and overdrive section explaining each one and there uses

    Part 8 – Chorus effect
    •8.1 explaining what a chorus is and the basic controls
    •8.2 Classic and Vintage chorus modes
    •8.3 The Unique Virus Hyper chorus which has 6 delay lines, and the Air chorus
    •8.4 Vibrato and Rotary Speaker

    Part 9 – Phaser and Filterbank effects
    •9.1 a 6 pole phaser and flanger effect
    •9.2 Ring modualtor , Frequency Shifter , vowel Filter and Comb Filter effects
    •9.3 xfade and varislope filters

    Part 10 – Delay and Reverb effects
    •10.1 Classic virus delay , the different modes including ping pong and various patterns, the mod knobs and lfos
    •10.2 exploring the different Tape Delay modes , which are Clocked, Doppler and Free running

    Part 11 – Matrix and Common pages
    •11.1 explain the sometimes daunting matrix page and its modulation sources and destinations.
    •11.2 look over the common page and cover the smooth mode, various key modes and the versatile soft knobs.

    Part 12, 13 + 14 are individual sound design tutorials showing how to put all of the pieces together to make the sounds you want
    •12 classic trance pluck
    •13 Deep House Bass
    •14 Aggressive Dub Step Growl

    INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/Fbe1
    Virus Ti Masterclass TUTORiAL


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