Trance Energy Vol.3 For SPiRE SBF SPF DISCOVER, spire spf sbf presets patches, Trance, Spire, SPF, SBF, Energy, DISCOVER

Trance Energy Vol.3 For SPiRE SBF SPF

DISCOVER | 27 JUNE 2015 | 81 MB

…::: 128 Reveal Sound Spire Presets + Bonus :::…

‘Trance Energy 3 For Spire’ continues this exciting new series of powerful presets for this awesome software synth, packed full with 128 patches inspired by the biggest artists in Trance and including an Ableton Live demo project plus bonus MIDI files taken from the demo track. This pack was inspired by artists such as AvB, Ferry Corsten, Aly & Fila, Dash Berlin, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Ronald Van Den Beuken, Markus Schulz, Sean Tyas, Cosmic Gate, Above & Beyond, Rank 1,Ronski Speed, Push, Binary Finary,Sander Van Doorn, PVD, Richard Durand, Tiesto, Lange, Spencer & Hill, and many more.

Pack Contents:
• 128 Named presets
• SBF File and individual SPF presets
• Ableton Live demo project
• Bonus MIDI files from demo
• 100% Royalty-Free

Patches Included:
• 40 Basses
• 35 Leads
• 32 Plucks
• 10 Pads
• 5 Synths
• 4 FX
• 2 Arps

Please Note:
The latest version of both Spire and Ableton Live is required to use the patches and demo project.

Trance Energy Vol.3 For SPiRE SBF SPF-DiSCOVER

Hatsune Miku V4x for Vocaloid4FE, vocaloid vsti vocaloid vocaloid audio software presets patches, Vocaloid4FE, Vocaloid, V4X, MIKU, Japanese, Hatsune Miku, Hatsune, English, Chinese, AlexVox

Hatsune Miku V4x for Vocaloid4FE

AlexVox | 02 September 2017 | 1.95 GB + 696 MB

Japanese, English and Chinese Today!

On August 31st, it was officially confirmed that Miku’s V4 update would be a V4X title and a demo was released showcasing a voicebank called “Hatsune Miku Original”. It was also revealed that Miku’s V4X would also contain 2 E.V.E.C. vocals: Soft and Power, though more E.V.E.C. vocals may be planned.

On June 11th, Wat tweeted that Miku Dark’s tuning was finishing up. On the 17th, Wat stated that they were adjusting the “WHISPER” vocal for her which would be different than the “SWEET” one. Wat also tweeted that the new voicebank components have become 4 varieties: ORIGINAL – POWER, SOLID – POWER, SOFT – WHISPER, and DARK – WHISPER. These voicebanks will produce new pronunciation as a result of having different phonetic data from the standard voicebank. Although the recording Japanese voicebanks are 5 varieties, out of those in 4 voicebanks (ORIGINAL, SOLID, SOFT, and DARK) are combined and new pronunciation is contained in them. Wat noted that the standard VoiceColor is also included, however, these are a different system from normal.

On June 26th, 2016, more details regarding Miku V4 English have been announced via Wat’s Twitter. He said that various aspects of Miku’s V4 English voicebank were undergoing adjustments and being checked over. The tone of her V4 English voicebank would be aimed to sound similar to ORIGINAL ~ VIVID. The voicebank’s bias of pronunciation depends, although it would have a bright/clear feeling.

Note: This is japanese, Chinese and english language libraries. EVEC job-plugin included.

Hatsune Miku V4x for Vocaloid4FE

Bass Music MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz rex2 presets patches midi patterns nn xt kontakt halion exs24 samples audio aiff, Music, MULTiFORMAT, Hip Hop, EDM, Drum And Bass, DNB, Bass Music, Bass, AUDIOSTRiKE, 177 BPM


AUDiOSTRiKE | 24/03/2016 | 2.46 GB

Covering everything from Drum and Bass to EDM and Hip Hop, Bass Music has Killer Bass Hits, Chunky Beats and Ferocious Synths. Epic collection of over 800 Loops and in excess of 300 One Hits, Bass Music storms into battle with all guns blazing. The drum loops and top loops are tight and heavy ready for the frontline of your production. The bass and melodic loops are hard and edgy and MUST be used with caution!

Bass Music takes no prisoners, covering everything from a steady 70BPM up to a hi-octane 177BPM with military precision. The collection also includes an additional selection of over 100 MIDI files and over 800 one shots including Bass hits, Synth Hits, Vocal Hits, FX Hits and 20 Multi Sampled instruments, 166 Sampler patches complete the pack, pre-formatted for your favourite software synths for those who prefer to roll their own in the trenches.

In detail expect to find 3.04 GB Of content, with 1497 individual files as 621 Wav Loops and 876 Individual Hits. Loops include 109 Bass Loops, 95 Full Drum Loops, 94 Top Loops, 40 Bonus Drum Loops and 55 Bonus Top Loops, 205 Music Loops and 23 Vocal Loops. Individual hits are 94 Bass Hits, 90 Bass Multi Samples, 401 Drum Hits [31 Claps, 38 Cymbals, 76 Hats, 75 Kicks, 43 Percussion, 47 Rides and 91 Snares], 61 FX Hits, 33 Synth Hits, 170 Synth Multi Samples and 27 Vocal Samples. 91 MIDI Melody Loops are included as well as 35 Bass MIDI Loops. A total of 166 Software Sampler patches are included for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Sfz and Exs24. 321 Apple Loops are included as well as 657 Rex2 Loops.


  • 3.74 GB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 205 Music Loops
  • 149 Top Loops
  • 135 Full Drum Loops
  • 109 Bass Loops
  • 23 Vocal Loops
  • 401 Drum Hits
  • 94 Bass Hits
  • 61 Fx
  • 33 Synth Hits
  • 27 Vocal Hits
  • 10 Synth Multis
  • 10 Bass Multis
  • 657 Rex2 Files
  • 126 Midi


Epic Trance Essentials MASSiVE MiDi FLP, wav presets patches midi patterns massive flp fl studio, Ultra Music Festival, Trance Essentials, Trance, Tomorrowland, Together Festival, South West Four, MIDI, Massive, Global Gathering, FSTVL, FLP, Essentials, Epic Trance, Epic, Colours Fest

Epic Trance Essentials

DiSCOVERSYNTHiC4TE | The Brotherhood Release | 31.8 MB


Epic Trance Essentials For NI Massive’ is the first installment of this exciting series containing 128 professional Uplifting/Epic Trance presets for superb VST synthesizer, Massive. Providing you with the best club-ready tools for your next Trance hit, this soundset will surely be your “go to” tool box for your Trance projects, filled with basses, FX, leads, pads & plucks. Trance Euphoria have also included the FL Studio project files used to create the demos so you can load and see how the demos were done. For people who don’t have FL Studio, they have also provided folders with each of the demos and MIDI files and presets used so you can replicate them in your chosen DAW. Inspired by the top summer Trance festivals like Creamfields, We Are FSTVL, Colours Fest, Together Festival, Global Gathering, South West Four, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, and many more top festivals around the world, ‘Max Braiman Epic Trance Essentials’ is here to inspire your next Trance smash hit.

Epic Trance Essentials MASSiVE MiDi FLP

Uplifting Trance Kits WAV MiDi FLP SPF, wav spire spf presets patches midi patterns flp fl studio samples audio, WAV, Uplifting Trance, Uplifting, Trance, SPF, MIDI, Kits, FLP, DISCOVER

Uplifting Trance Kits WAV MiDi FLP SPF

DiSCOVER | 28 FEBRUARY 2015 | 91 MB

Uplifting Trance Kits’ is the pack for you if you’re into Uplifting Trance. Each of the 20 full Construction Kits contain all MIDI files needed to create a full track, Reveal Sounds Spire presets for each MIDI part, and a drum kick and percussion loop to get you started. The FLP File of the Demo is also included to allow Fruity Loops users to see how the demo was done, plus an MP3 mixdown of each Kit. Kits vary in contents, with an average of seven MIDI files per Kit, plus the Kit MIDI file. Supplied all the individual MIDIs for each Kit to allow you to create the full track with the kick and percussion loop. The bonus with MIDI files is that you can import them into your chosen DAW and apply your favourite VST instrument and use your own sounds or your favourite sound sets. Spire presets are supplied so you can re-create the sounds from the Demo.

• 20 MIDI Construction Kits (Totalling 160 MIDI Files)
• 138 Individual Spire Presets
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Made by a professional Trance artist (Max Braiman)
• Demo Project FLP files for each Kit
• A Kit MIDI file which imports all individual MIDIs for each Kit
• BPM Information
• MIDI Files Included – Arp Basses, Chord Melody, Pads, Roll Basses, Saw Basses, Sub Basses, Acid Basses, Bass Pads, Chord Basses, Sub Melodies, Main Melodies, Chord Pucks, Voicy Basses, Off Beat Basses, Gated Basses, Pluck Basses, Seq Basses, Alternate Arp Basses, Distorted Basses, Percussive Basses, Chorus Bass & Intro Melody

3rd Party Plugins Used:
• VST – Reveal Sound Spire
• FL Studio Effects Used – Maximus, Grossbeat, Fruity Parametric EQ 2 & Fruity Reverb
• Third Party Effects – Pro-Q, Pro-L & Saturn

You do not need the third party effects plugins to recreate the demo, but the sound quality will differ.

FL Studio Requirements:
FL Studio Version 10.0.9 is required to load the FLP file. The project is not guaranteed to work with older versions.

Uplifting Trance Kits WAV MiDi FLP SPF

Future Club Trance Anthems For SPiRE, spire spf sbf presets patches, Trance Anthems, Trance, Spire, Future Club, Future, DISCOVER, Club, Anthems, 138 BPM

Future Club Trance Anthems For SPiRE

DiSCOVER | May 15 2016 | 10 MB

A brand new Spire And Midi Pack Featuring 50 x Spire Presets And 50 x Midi Files. InSPIRED by all the top trance artists from around the world and all the top trance festivals this pack will surely inject the quality you are seeking in to your next trance anthem. Midi is a great source of inspiration and can kick start those ideas you hit the wall with even the pros do it, also with midi you have complete control over how you want your track to sound with assigning any vst or hardware synth you like, you can also adjust notes, velocity etc its up to you complete control at your fingertips.

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
• Format: SoundBank/Presets (.SBF/SPF)
• 50 x Reveal Sound Spire Presets (Individual Presets And SoundBank File)
• 33 x Leads
• 17 x Plucks
• Requirements: Reveal Sound Spire 1.1.3+ or higher.
• 50 x Trance MIDI Files
• Folder Of MIDI And Presets Used In The Demo If You Want Those ASAP
• (50 x MIDI In Total)
• (50 x Presets In Total)
• Recommended 138BPM
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free

Future Club Trance Anthems For SPiRE

Uplifting Sound Of Egypt Trance 2 MiDi Kits, spire presets patches midi patterns flp fl studio, Uplifting Sound, Uplifting, Trance, Sound, MIDI, Kits, Egypt Trance, Egypt, DISCOVER

Uplifting Sound Of Egypt Trance 2

DiSCOVER | August 14 2016 | 70 MB

..:: MiDi Kits ::..

‘Uplifting Sound Of Egypt Trance 2 MIDI Kits’ the second release in this exciting new series featuring another 25 x Trance MIDI Kits with 124 x MIDI’s in total also there is a demo mixdown and FLP file of the demo created,  Spire Presets have been included FREE for each kit as you can hear in the demo and most where used to demonstrate the midi files.

……:::::: It All About The MIDI Kits ::::::……
The second release in this series pack gives you another 25 x Song Ideas to either use as is or to tweak and create your own trance smash hit, each kit includes either 4 or 5 midi files ranging from Arps, Basses, Melodies, Sub Melodies, Chord Melodies, Pads etc to kick start your track, your in complete control with MIDI files, MIDI is a great source of inspiration you can tweak the notes to suit you and assign any vst or hardware synth you like, midi is also a great learning tool, study and create your own ideas, you are also free to use the included FREE spire presets in your own tracks if you wish, we have also included the FL Studio FLP file for each kit so you can see how the demo was done.

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
• 25 x Uplifting Egypt Trance MIDI Kits (124 x MIDI Files In Total)
• FREE Reveal Sound Spire Presets Included As Per Kit As Heard In The Demos
• FL Studio FLP File Included For Each Kit
• Mixdown Demo For Each Kit
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free

……:::::: Requirements ::::::……
• Spire 1.1.7+ or higher.
• FL Studio 10.0.9+ or higher. (Not Guaranteed To Load With Older Versions)

Uplifting Sound Of Egypt Trance 2 MiDi Kits

Melbourne Soundset Vol.1 for MASSiVE, presets patches massive, Soundset, P2P, Melbourne Bounce, Melbourne, Massive

Melbourne Soundset Vol.1 for MASSiVE

P2P | MASSiVE | 3.7 MB

The Melbourne soundset contains all the essential sounds any producer would need to get a bouncy Melbourne track on it’s way. The up and coming genre is making some big sounds and plenty of them are in this sound pack. All sounds were inspired from some of the genre’s top artists such as Tjr, Will Sparks, JDG, Jayyfresh, and many more. From those phat moogish bass plucks, wide and loud brasses, crispy saw basses, and blissfully funky leads!

The pack contains 3 arps, 3 brasses, 22 basses, 5 SFX, 17 leads, 5 pads, 6 plucks, and 3 precussions. To hear a spoonful of what the soundset has got packed in it, take a quick listen to the demo and enjoy!

Melbourne Soundset Vol.1 for MASSiVE

BFD Oblivion v1.0.0 WiN MAC R2R, windows presets patches macos bfd samples audio, Win, R2R, Oblivion, MAC, BFD

BFD Oblivion v1.0.0 WiN MAC

TEAM R2R | 25.12.2016 | 7.29 GB

BFD Oblivion is an expansion for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2 designed to provide ready-to-use heavy rock and metal drum sounds. The included sounds are inspired by genres like post-metal, sludge, prog-metal and alt-rock and are intended to have the punch to slice through the densest walls of guitars. Based around 3 different versions of a Mapex Orion kit with Mapex brass and Brady jarrah wood snares, each with different degrees of processing, BFD Oblivion also contains cymbals from Bosphorus, Zildjian and Paiste in natural and processed versions. Crafted by an in-house team obsessed with metal, BFD Oblivion is processed heavily so you don’t have to – just add your hardest guitars and basses to create an authentic foundation for all kinds of rock and metal music.

– Expansion for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2
– Mix-processed drums, ready to drop into your productions!
– Mapex Orion drumkit: 22″ kick with 10″, 12″, and 14″ toms
– Mapex Brass Master snare and 13″ Brady jarrah snare
– Cymbals and hihat from Bosphorus, Zildjian and Paiste
– Kick with felt and plastic beater

BFD Oblivion v1.0.0 WiN MAC-R2R

Vaporwave MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 presets patches midi patterns nn xt maschine kontakt kong exs24 battery samples audio aiff ableton live, Vaporwave, Trap, Synthwave, MULTiFORMAT, Hip Hop, Future Funk, Future Bass, Chillout, 80s


P2P | 09.01.2017 | 2.8 GB

Surrealist beats and retro melodics

Through a haze of processed synthesisers and cassette-tracked electronica comes Vaporwave – a post internet musical landscape brimming with lo-fi aesthetics and neon nostalgia. Flitting between Future Funk and Trap through to Synthwave and 80s, no expense was spared in recreating this unique genre. Get to grips with over 1.25GB of chunky Linn drum loops, dusty synth keys, layered arpeggiated bass-lines, resampled vocal grooves and gritty authentic textures in a uniquely modern style.

– 685 x 24 bit Wav files
– 530 x Apple Loops
– 530 x Rex2 files
– 46 x MIDI files
– 3 x Custom Kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, Kong, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack
– 4 x Sampler Formats for Kontakt, NN-XT, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack



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