AVA Signature House MULTiFORMAT, sfz rex2 nn xt kontakt kong halion exs24 samples audio aiff, TR 808, Signature, MULTiFORMAT, House, AVA, 808s, 808, 125 BPM

AVA Signature House MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 21 April 2016 | 652 MB

Since the early 90s A.V.A has crafted and refined his signature House sound – with releases on labels such as Spinnin’, Strictly Rhythm, Hed Kandi, Be Yourself and 1605 Records. Over the last few years he has collaborated with Olav Basoski, Syke N Sugarstarr and Kid Massive at the same time as remixing tracks for Sean Paul, Flo Rida, TV Rock, Stonebridge and Ron Carrol. A huge arsenal of single shot sounds is included, with Bass, Synths and Drums catered for. You’ll find classic TR-808 sounds, heavy Synth Leads, Bongos and body-moving Shakers in addition to over 80 Sampler Patches to play directly in your DAW. Delivered at 125BPM this pack is a must for House music producers who want a bit more funk in the trunk!

In detail expect to find 744Mb of content, with 379 individual files. There are 226 Loops with 27 Bass Loops, 19 Clap and Snare Loops, 23 Full Drum Loops, 18 Kick Loops, 43 Top Loops, 63 Music Loops and 17 Percussion Loops. 153, one shots are included with 30 Bass Hits, 40 Synth Hits and 83 Drum Hits. 84 Software sampler patches are included for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Sfz and Exs24 – featuring 10 ready-made Drum Kits and 5 Reason Kong patches. 226 Apple Loops and 226 Rex2 Loops are also included!

• 744 MB
• 24Bit 44.1KHZ
• 63 Music Loops
• 43 Top Loops
• 27 Bass Loops
• 23 Full Drum Loops
• 19 Clap/Snare Loops
• 17 Percussion Loops
• 18 Kick Loops
• 16 Hat Loops
• 83 Drum Hits
• 40 Synth Hits
• 30 Bass Hits
• 226 Rex2 Files
• 84 Soft Sampler Patches
• 5 Kong

INFO/DEMO: http://bit.ly/23ZHWpM
AVA Signature House MULTiFORMAT

Deep Sounds of Berlin MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz presets patches nn xt kontakt halion exs24 samples audio, Techno, Sounds, Minimal Techno, Minimal, MAGNETRiXX, Deep Sounds, Deep Sound, Deep, BERLIN, 122 BPM, 118 BPM

Deep Sounds of Berlin MULTiFORMAT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 18 February 2013 | 301 MB

Inspiring collection of copyright free loops and sounds fresh from the Berlin Underground, this time delved into the Deep Tech side of his productions, using tempos of 118 and 122 BPM to lay down warm solid grooves that are sure to inspire Deep Tech Producers worldwide. The material included covers Deep and Minimal Techno Experimentation, Classic Drum Machine Beats, Inspirational Guitars, Atmospheric Pads, Dark FX, and Deep Chunky Basslines. Deep Sounds Of Berlin weighs in at 593mb and includes 496 24Bit samples, with 307 Loops between 118 – 122 Bpm, plus 189 One shot Sounds. You also get 85 ready to play patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, SFZ, or Kontakt compatible soft samplers.

In detail the Deep Sounds Of Berlin pack includes 30 Bass Loops, 149 Drum Loops, 39 Synth Loops, 26 Bass Hits, 92 One Shot Drum Samples, 28 FX plus 43 Synth Tones.

Tech Specs:
– 24 Bit Quality
– 593MB

– 30 Bass Loops
– 149 Drum Loops
– 89 Guitar Loops
– 39 Synth Loops
– 307 Rex2 Loops
– 92 Drum Hits
–  26 Bass Hits
– 43 Synth Hits
– 28 Texture & FX
– 85 Soft Sampler PAtches for NNXT, Halion, SFZ, Kontakt & EXS24

INFO/DEMO: http://bit.ly/2rq4ZQa
Deep Sounds of Berlin MULTiFORMAT

The Tenor Tool kit KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Tool Kit, Tool, Tenor, Kontakt, Kit, 0TH3Rside

The Tenor Tool kit KONTAKT

TEAM 0TH3Rside | 21 May 2017 | 141 MB

By means of unique programming, sample editing, and the advanced Vocal Tools script brings you the first sampled voice library to utilize vocal phrase sequencing. The user has complete control over the elements within a given phrase across the vocal scale. Created exclusively for Kontakt, the Tenor is sung with a dark and haunting operatic vocal style that lends itself perfectly to any film or media project.

What is sung? The Tenor has a significant gathering of Latin and Gregorian vocal elements. In addition, you will find “Moving Vowels” such as/and for example: Ah Say Too V Chay. This style of vocal sampling held tremendous success with DIVA series but now the game has changed. You control the phrase! The Tenor is 24-bit audio recorded direct via the CAD Trion 8000 tube microphone.

Vocal Elements:
– Angnus Dei
– Ah Nah Fee Day
– Ah Sah Too V Chay
– Benedictus
– Confutatis Maledictis
– Depenidepoenis Inferni
– Ee Nah Z New
– Ee Rah She Noh
– Ee Zay Lah
– Libera Me
– Misericordia
– Omnipotens
– Requiem Aeternam

VT Script:
VT is a sophisticated power tool that will unleash your creative genius.
– Real-time sequencing and instant call-back of self created vocal movements
– 50+ vocal elements
– Sample offset control to generate new elements in real-time
– 12 storage locations
– 16 steps per self created phrase
– Copy and store vocal movements
– Quick Edit Page to assign attack, sample offset, legato depth and shape per vocal step
– Setup Page to assign various midi data via controllers
– Auto vocal breath with control frequency of occurrence and volume
– Setup Page to assign various midi data via controllers
– FX control of Impulse Response, Kontakt reverb or bypass all

INFO/DEMO: http://bit.ly/2qKkW0T
The Tenor Tool kit KONTAKT

Ultimate Pro Oriental Strings Arabic Turkish Indian KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Ultimate Pro, Ultimate, turkish, Strings, Pro, P2P, Oriental Strings, Oriental, Kontakt, Indian, Arabic

Oriental Strings Arabic Turkish Indian KONTAKT

P2P | 21.05.2017 | 3.75 GB

Ultimate Pro Oriental Strings , Pro Turkish Strings Mix , Viola Turkish Mix , Kamanjat Turkish , Kamanjat Live Mix , Pro Indian Strings Mix , Violins Indian Mix…

Ultimate Pro Oriental Strings:
Multis : Pro Turkish Strings (Turkish)
Instruments :
– Pro Turkish Strings Mix
– Violin Turkish Mix
– Viola Turkish Mix
– Kamanjat Turkish
– Kamanjat Live Mix

Multis : Pro Oriental Strings (Indian)
Instruments :
– Pro Indian Strings Mix
– Violins Indian Mix
– Viola Indian Mix
– Violins Mix
– Cello Indian Mix

Multis : Pro Oriental Strings (Arabic)
Instruments :
– Pro Oriental Strings Mix
– Arabic Strings
– Kamanjat (01) Mix
– Kamanjat (02) Mix
– Kamanjat (03) Mix
– Viola Mix
– Violin Mix
– Legato Mix

INFO/DEMO: http://bit.ly/2pYksay
Ultimate Pro Oriental Strings Arabic Turkish Indian KONTAKT

The Cookup WAV MiDi, wav midi patterns samples audio, Young Thug, WAV, Trap, RNB, Rap, R&B, Migos, MIDI, Hip Hop, Future, Fantastic, Cookup, 21 Savage

The Cookup WAV MiDi

FANTASTiC | 20 May 2017 | 247 MB


Inspired by the sound of Migos, Future, Young Thug, 21 Savage and others alike, “The Cook Up” captures the emotional struggles that are conveyed in today’s top trap music hits! All loops are organically played by hand, and processed through rare vintage gear (EQs, compressors, analog summing busses, vinyl, and tape machines). All loops have completely dry versions as well..

•Contains 10 Loops (24-bit WAV).
•Every Loop was hand-played and instantly inspires for quick production.
•Audio and MIDI included!
•Each loop separated into its corresponding parts
•30 Dry WAVS
•30 Processed WAVS
•20 MIDI Files (Chord and Melody separated for each loop).
•Instant Future, Migos, Metro Boomin Trap vibe

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3hag
The Cookup WAV MiDi

Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Soloist, P2P, Oriental, Kontakt

Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT

P2P | 21.05.2017 | 2.7 GB

Oriental Soloist 2 is a set of 335 sounds designed for oriental solo style playing sampled by Dr Raid Marji, sounds are designed to be mixed together through a four channel / sound output where the user can design, manipulate, and combine sounds together to get the desired results not only for solo playing but also for unison mixed oriental instruments. One unique feature in Oriental soloist 2 is the ability to select intervals of each of the four sounds separately according to scale, with the ability to control Octave, Volume, and pan separately as well. User can select legato/mono playing mode for each sound and control the volume envelope parameters for each sound. With four effects slots user can assign effects for each sound separately, effects rack includes: modulator, compressor, equalizer, filter, delay, and reverb.Glissando mode is another unique feature in Oriental soloist 2 where user can switch between monophonic glissando (glide) and legato glissandi (gradual notes), glissando is archived by playing low velocities for far notes.Qaurter tone scale option is available with the ability to save/recall scales with keys witches.

Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Soloist, P2P, Oriental, Kontakt


  • Quarter tone scale tuning with tune amount.
  • Pitch bend amount control.
  • Vibrato speed control.
  • Four channel instrument.
  • FX slot for each channel.
  • 335 x 4 combinable sounds.
  • 12 keys witches.
  • Full key range instrument.
  • Fully automated interface .
  • Harmonizer.
  • Scale key color.
  • Scale/key note.
  • 36 scales.
  • Glissando modes.
  • Legato/mono mode for each channel.
  • Volume envelope for each channel.
  • Volume/pan controls for each channel.
  • ± 4 Octaves control for each channel.
  • Intervals knob control for each channel.
  • Qucik sound browsing.


Sounds list:

  1. Leads: 83 sounds.
  2. Accordions: 14 sounds.
  3. woodwinds: 12 clarinets,  2 flutes, 2 whistles, 1 bassoon, 1 recorder, 12 ney, 8 kawala, 9 gasba, 13 mejwiz, 5 bagpipes, 23 zurnas, 3 mizmars, 1 munjayra, 8 shakoli, 4 shubabeh, 3 balaban.
  4. Brass: 4 tubas, 2 trombone, 8 trumpets, 5 saxphones.
  5. Plucked: 4 saz, 2 baglama, 11 bozouki, 2 tambur, 2 santur, 3 setar, 1 banjo, 3 oud, 6 qanoun, 9 guitar.
  6. Strings: 24 violin, 4 violins(section), 1 cello, 12 fiddle.
  7. Others: Hammond, piano, harmonica.
  8. Toys: 13 sliced loops.


Effects list:

  • Modulator (Phaser,Chorus,Flanger)
  • Compressor
  • EQ
  • Filter
  • Reverb
  • Delay


Scales list:

  • Chromatic
  •  Major/Ajam
  •  Natural Minor
  •  HarmMin/Nahawand
  •  Melodic Minor
  •  Dorian
  •  Phrygian/Kurd
  •  Lydian
  •  Mixolydian
  •  Locrian
  •  Whole-Tone
  •  Diminished
  •  Octatonic
  •  Pentatonic Maj
  •  Pentatonic Min
  •  Pentatonic Blues
  •  Messiaen III
  •  Messiaen IV
  •  Messiaen V
  •  Messiaen VI
  •  Messiaen VII
  •  Lydian b7
  •  Locrian #9
  •  Major-Minor
  •  Hijaz
  •  Hijaz Kar
  •  Nakriz
  •  Nawa Athar
  •  Zanjaran
  •  Zink klah
  •  Lami
  •  Rast
  •  Bayati
  •  Sika
  •  Saba
  •  Soznak


  • This library requires full kontakt player V 5.5.2 or later to work, otherwise it wont run or you will get library in demo mode.
  • This library can not be added to kontakt using the add library tab, just use file browser or quick load to load it.
  • Cubase users might hear clicks while using keyswitches.

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3haf
Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT

Eastern Chillout WAV REX, wav rex2 samples audio, WAV, Trip Hop, REX, PLP, Hip Hop, Eastern, Downtempo, DISCOVER, Chillout, Boom Bap

Eastern Chillout WAV REX

DiSCOVER | 12.10.2012 | 71 MB

Choose Eastern Chillout loops for producing Downtempo, Chillout, Hip Hop, and Trip Hop. It’s dubby and it’s chill! Sounds include Basses, Pads, Electric Pianos, Eastern Guitars, Beats, Percussion, SFX, Synths, and Flutes. Sounds like Thievery Corporation, Om Lounge, Dub Tribe Soundsystem, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Missy Elliot, and Panjabi MC all wrapped up in one. Good for Downtempo, Chillout, Boom Bap, Hip Hop, and Trip Hop.

42 Loops recorded in CD quality 16 bit , 44.1 kHz Stereo.

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/a69
Eastern Chillout WAV REX

Beta Monkey Double Bass Mania Vol.1 Metal WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Metal, Mania, Double Bass Mania, Double Bass, Double, DELiRiUM, Beta Monkey, Bass

Double Bass Mania Vol.1 Metal WAV

DELiRiUM | 04.26.05 | 566 MB

Loud. Fast. Aggressive. That is what this heavy metal sample disc is all about. If you are chomping at the bit for some fast and furious double bass grooves, order the one and only onslaught you need: Beta Monkey’s Double Bass Mania. With 1000+ double bass grooves, groove variations, fills, one shots, and samples, Double Bass Mania is your only choice for creating the heaviest of tracks. Covering a wide spectrum of tempos and groove feels and drawing inspiration from Racer X, Slayer, Pantera, and Disturbed, Double Bass Mania is designed for metal and hard rock but can easily be adapted for use in other aggressive genres like hard core and other agressive styles. If you play your guitar or bass loud and fast, Double Bass Mania is the only alternative for writing the heavy stuff.

Beta Monkey’s Double Bass Mania Features:

  • Cohesive Drum Sounds: All drum loops are taken from the SAME recording session (all grooves, fills, one shots, etc., are sonically-matched). Like to change tempos or time signatures? You can mix any loop with anything else on the disc. The bottom line here is maximum versatility.
  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: Build even more great grooves with a complete multi-velocity sample collection of all the drums and cymbals recorded on Drum Werks VII.
  • Full Range of Rock Styles: Whether you need straight-ahead 2’s and 4’s or you need some heavily syncopated rock patterns, Drum Werks VII covers a lot of ground. Grooves sets ranging from 79 BPM all the way up to 175 BPM, you’ll find the right grooves for nearly any new rock project.

Disc Stats:

  • 1040 (697 MB) original, license-free drum loops and drum/cymbal samples. All loops and samples are 16/44.
  • Double Bass Mania Groove Sets
  • 55 BPM Heavy Rock DB Riffing (37 loops)
  • 90 BPM Metal Grooves (70 loops)
  • 100 BPM Hard Rock (184 loops)
  • 130 BPM Grooves (67 loops)
  • 140 BPM Grooves #1 (74 loops)
  • 140 BPM Grooves #2 (68 loops)
  • 140 BPM Grooves #3 (54 loops)
  • 140 BPM Hard Triplets (78 loops)
  • 160 BPM Thrash (68 loops)
  • 170 BPM Metal Blasts (125 loops)

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3hae
Beta Monkey Double Bass Mania Vol.1 Metal WAV

Military Madness KONTAKT 0TH3Rside, kontakt samples audio, Military, Madness, Kontakt, 0TH3Rside

Military Madness KONTAKT

0TH3Rside | 2011 | KONTAKT | 20.75 MB

Miltary Madness’ is a collection of marching drum samples in WAV format which can be looped, cut and joined with each other to make full drum tracks. The pack includes a series of fills, rolls, drags & one-shots, all of which can be joined and/or layered with the other samples seamlessly. The style is typical of a military or brass band drum corps & features standard 4/4 rhythms as well a skip rhythms & jazzy style rhythms, more typical of an American marching band. There’s even some rhythms with stick clicks & rim shots

Military Madness KONTAKT 0TH3Rside, kontakt samples audio, Military, Madness, Kontakt, 0TH3Rside

‘All of the loops are at marching tempo of 120bpm.’

1). Unrar , Use kontakt version 4.05 or higher to play.
2). nJOY another 0TH3Rside release!!

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/hmd
Military Madness KONTAKT

Instant Orchestra v1.0.3.1 HYBRiD R2R, windows presets patches macos samples audio, R2R, Orchestra, Instant, HYBRID, Garritan, Aria

Instant Orchestra v1.0.3.1 HYBRiD

TEAM R2R | 2015.02.21 | 885 MB

Instant Orchestra is about instantly producing orchestral music very quickly and easily. Our goal is to provide an instantly playable orchestral library with many pre-packaged orchestral sounds. This library was designed to be an effective shortcut to reach your musical goals. Consider it as a Swiss army knife for musicians – a clean, simple, multi-purpose orchestral tool that will allow you to do many things in an instant. Moreover, it is affordable and fulfills our mission of simplifying and democratizing making music and orchestrating.

You need:
1.Garritan ARIA Player
2.Garritan ARIA Libraries
3.Plogue ARIA Engine

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/34d2
Instant Orchestra v1.0.3.1 HYBRiD-R2R


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