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Summer Deep House WAV MiDi

DiSCOVER | October 11 2016 | 227 MB

‘Summer Deep House’ Featuring 10 x Construction Kits WAV & MIDI to inspire your next Deep House Smash Hit. Inspired by all the Deep House artists from around the world, If your looking for those Huge Deep House moments look no further than this pack.

……:::::: Kits ::::::……
• Each kit include all drum parts from kick to percussion, wet and dry loops for all the main parts also including filter up and down loops wet and dry, all MIDI parts are included and a mix down demo for each kit, folder structure is smartly arranged for ease of use.

……:::::: Advantages With MIDI ::::::……
• With MIDI you have the ultimate in flexibility being able to edit notes, velocity etc and assign your own sound, these are easily imported to any DAW either Drag And Drop or Import Midi Options in your DAW. These MIDIs are also a great source of inspiration for those writers block moments even the pros need motivation and inspiration from time to time, you can also learn how these have been constructed and change/tweak the MIDI to your own taste.

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
• Format: WAVs & MIDIs
• 10 x Deep House Construction Kits
• MIDI Files For Each Kit
• Wet & Dry Loops For Each Kit
• Drum Kick Compressed/Uncompressed Versions For Each Kit
• Several Percussion Variation Wav Loops
• Demo Mix Down Of Each Kit
• Professionally Produced
• 246 x Total WAVs Files – (Including 10 x Mixdown Demos)
• 32 x MIDIs Files (10 x Leads, 10 x Basses, 7 x Piano, 1 x Synths, 1 x Vox, 1 x Pluck, 2 x Pads)
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz 16-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free

Summer Deep House WAV MiDi

Reason Drum Kits 2.0 REFiLL AudioP2P, refills samples audio, Refill, Reason, Drums, Drum Kits, AudioP2P

Reason Drum Kits 2.0 REFiLL

Team AudioP2P | 09-23-2009 | 2.19 GB

What is Reason Drum Kits?

The Reason Drum Kits 2 ReFill is an extensive DVD-ROM library of life-like, multisampled drum kits for Reason’s extraordinary Combinator device. Drum Kits 2 is more than just a set of professionally recorded drum kits mapped out across your MIDI keyboard – it’s a live drum recording session in a Refill. Reason Drum Kits 2 captures every aspect of the included kits: the drums themselves, the room surrounding them, the drummer, the unique sound of the mics and outboard used in the recording, the works. Reason Drum Kits features 58 unique Combinator kits styled for Vintage Soul, Indie-type Pop and Hard Rock, plus 96 additional ReDrum sets and an insane amount of inspirational MIDI files, effect patches and style templates.

Mix Your Own Drums
All the instruments in the kits were captured at multiple velocity levels using multiple microphones – all of which are represented on separate channels in Reason’s mixer, each time you load up a kit. So by adjusting the levels of the Close, Overhead and Ambience microphones, you can fully shape and control the sound of your drum kits. You can even add compression, EQ or effects to individual drums. Essentially, this is like putting a top-notch recording room, drum kit and drummer right into your computer. We’ve taken care of the tricky, boring and expensive work, leaving you in command of the creative parts: The playing and the mixing!

Build Your Own Kits
Putting together your own personal drum kits using individual drums, hihats and cymbals from different kits is, naturally, a breeze; Reason Drum Kits 2 handles instruments and all their related samples and velocity layers collectively, allowing you to create drum kits containing up to a thousand samples with just a few mouse clicks.

Forget Multisampling – This is Hypersampling
The Reason Drum Kits were recorded in acoustic environments tailormade for drums, using the finest blend of vintage and modern technology. In order to capture all the details and nuances of the featured kits, each instrument was recorded at all possible velocity levels, from a variety of distances and positions. So when you hammer out a two-handed snare fill on your MIDI keyboard, you can expect it to sound more than realistic. All mic positions and velocity levels included, the Reason Drum Kits use around 70 samples for one single key, which adds up to about 800 different samples in one kit! Giving you 11.000 drum and cymbal samples and an infinite number of extremely versatile, extremely dynamic sounding drumkits that are a joy to play. Enjoy.

Reason Drum Kits in production
Being a Reason product, Drum Kits 2 is of course fully ReWire compatible, making it easy for you to incorporate your favorite drum kits into songs created in other ReWire savvy software; just run Reason and the Drum Kits 2 ReFill alongside your Pro Tools pop or rock production, and use the entire Reason rack as a dedicated drum studio.

Load it all
Reason Drum Kits 2 takes full advantage of Reason’s all-powerful Combinator device, allowing for total recall of complex kits and everything that affects their overall sound; mixer channel levels, EQ and effect settings and routing data are stored along with the kits. This way, your not just loading sets of drums, you’re loading up entire drum mixes complete with levels, panning and processing – in a single click.

Producer Kits
A number of name producers and engineers were asked to use Drum Kits 2 and Reason’s EQs, compressors and effects to reproduce the secret working methods and signal paths that shape their signature drum sound. Simply load up any Producer Kit Combinator patch for that instant professional drum sound.


  • 11.000 drum and cymbal samples
  • 55 Instrument Patches

Easily mix, match and combine the 55 individual drum, hihat and cymbal patches

  • 25 preset drum kits
  • 11 Vintage Soul/Funk Kits
  • 7 Indie-style Pop Kits
  • 4 Hard Rock/Metal Kits
  • 1 Soft Mallets Kit
  • 1 Brushes Kit
  • 1 Snares Off Kit
  • 20 Style Kits

20 Style Kits
– Kits going through Combinator effect chains, shaping the kits for different styles of music

13 Producer Kits
– Name producers and engineers have recreated their signature sound and secret signal paths using Reason Drum Kits 2.

96 ReDrum Sets
– Tight, acoustic kits for Reason’s step-time drum machine

120 Categorized MIDI Files
– Readymade beats, variations and fills in various musical styles

20 Style Templates
– Reason song files containing full Kits and MIDI files placed in musical arrangements

6 Demo Song Files
– Professionally produced Demo songs, mixed in Reason by acclaimed mixing engineers

30 Effects Patches
GM Sample Mapping
– Use Reason Drum Kits with standard MIDI files

2 ReFills In One
– The disc includes 24-bit and 16-bit versions of this ReFill

Also on the DVD Reason Drum Kits manual, recording details (mics, instruments, techniques), key map and studio log.

Reason Drum Kits 2.0 REFiLL

Drag and Slide WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, video game, Slide, SFX, Productions, FX, Film, Drag

Drag & Slide WAV

FANTASTiC | 29 May 2017 | 876 MB

This sound effects compilation is a composite and versatile collection of sounds that feature various objects that were pushed, pulled, dragged, moved. Sliding and scraping over different surfaces. This will come in very handy for all kinds of film- and video game productions. Think of moving different objects with your character in a game or the protagonist in in a film dragging a body on forest floor to name just a few examples. You can use the sounds as they are or use them for intense sound design. All sounds were cleaned, edited and filled with BWF-Metadata for instant use in your projects.

Recorded with: Sound Devices 744T, 788T, Sennheiser MKH8050, Ambient ATE208, Sony PCM-D100

Drag and Slide WAV

Maximal Minimal WAV FANTASTiC, wav samples audio, WAV, Vocal, Tech House, Sound FX, Minimal, Maximal, Fantastic, 128 BPM

Maximal Minimal WAV

FANTASTiC | 24 December 2015 | 337 MB

“Minimal Samples and Loops What’s included in the pack
• 20 Kick Loops 128 bpm
• 51 Drum Loops
• 85 One Shots
• 122 Bass Loops
• 20 Hat Loops
• 20 Clap Loops
• 27 Percussion Loops
• 57 Synth Loops
• 65 Fx
• 10 Voice Loops
• 5 Snare Fiils
• 318 x 24 bit Loops at 125 & 128 bpm Wav Loops
• 141 x 24 bit One Shots Wav Loops”

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in:
• Sound FX
• Tech House
• Vocal

Maximal Minimal WAV-FANTASTiC

R$B WAV DiSCOVER, wav samples audio, WAV, RNB, R&B, Hip Hop, DISCOVER


DiSCOVER | February 28 2016 | 327 MB

‘R$B’ is the new crossover series as the extension of the chart-topping Hip Hop series. With Five Construction Kits, this grandiose pack blurs the lines between Hip Hop and RnB, bringing the timeless content inspired by Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, Dej Loaf, Tink, and many others.  With this new pack series, ‘R$B’ brings life to the Hip Hop genre again. With smooth leads, jaw dropping 808s, captivating melodies, lush pads, and stunning percussion. Healiy inspired from the ‘Skylines’ and ‘Base’ pack series, this new collection bares the same torch and takes it further. In five Construction Kits, this pack brings the best of RnB and Hip Hop with lovely soundtracks and gritty Trap anthems that stir the soul.  Every arpeggio and 808 is designed to hit hard with melodies designed to open the senses. WIth ‘R$B’, every creation is sure to be a classic.

……:::::: Details ::::::……
Format: WAV
• 5 Timeless Construction Kits
• Vocal Hooks Included
• 100% Royalty-Free
• 24-Bit Quality

…::: DEMO/PREViEW :::…


Sampling on the MPC TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, Sampling, MPC, ilfsn

Sampling on the MPC TUTORiAL

ilfsn | 31.05.2017 | 596 MB

Duration: 30 Minutes

Sampling is one of the fundamental features of the legendary Akai MPC Sampler/Sequencer, and a defining characteristic of Hip Hop production. This class will teach students the basics along with some tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout 10 years of MPC-based music production in the context of Hip Hop. This class is geared towards students that already have some basic experience with music production and want to grow their sampling skills.

This class will cover:
– Recording a sample
– Processing a sample
– Chopping/slicing a sample
– Building a program from your sample

Sampling on the MPC TUTORiAL

Songwriting for Complete Beginners, audio tutorials, Songwriting, Make, Learn, How To, How, Complete, Beginners

Songwriting for Complete Beginners

ilfsn | April 19 2017 | 1.52 GB

Learn how to Make your own Music Today

Learn and understand the Fundamentals and Ingredients of Music, Learn what Tools you need to get Started with Songwriting, Start Making your own Songs with all essential elements: Rhythm, Harmony and Melody. Is this Course for You?: Have you ever thought about learning how to make your own music, but don’t really know how to start. Then this course is perfect for you. What will You Learn?: In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of music, so that you can get started with making music yourself. Learn all the ingredients of music, the tools you need to get started, and get actionable tips on how to practice what you learn, and then create your own music.

Anyone can Make Music
Music is not rocket science. It is art, and it comes from your heart and soul. I truly believe Everyone can make music. Why? Because Music is really just a mix of Rhythm, Melody and Harmony. It really is that easy, so you can do it to! =)

Start Making your own Music Today
Are you ready to learn how you can make your own music, without having any prior knowledge? Just click the enroll button, and I am waiting for you in the next video. Soon you will be able to Make your own Music and Songs.

Who is the target audience?
– This Course is for Creative People who want to Learn how to Make Music
– This Course is for Curious People with no prior knowledge of Music/Songwriting

Songwriting for Complete Beginners

Create A Hip Hop Song in Garageband TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, Song, P2P, Hip Hop, GarageBand, Create

Create A Hip Hop Song in Garageband

P2P | July 17 2016 | 625 MB

Learn the basics of how to produce, write, and record a Hip Hop song in Garageband! Garageband Tutorial: Create a Hip Hop Song in Garageband! Do you want to produce your own hip hop tracks, lyrics, and instruments? Have you always wanted to make a hit song, but found that recording and producing it to be difficult and time consuming? Did you open Garageband on your computer only to feel overwhelmed by all the tools and buttons in the software?

What this course is about:
This Garageband course is here to help you build out your own complete hip hop song within Garageband for the Mac. This amazing piece of software can help you create a variety of different hip hop tracks, and this is just the course to get your started!

Garageband is very easy-to-use software for creating beats, music, instrumentals, drum tracks, and even melodies. Garageband has an extensive resource of libraries and presets to get you up and running in no time. It lets you have complete control over audio adjustments so you can get the right sound you’re looking for.

You will learn everything, from the basics of writing a hip hop song to the fundamentals of this software. By the end of this course, you will have a complete understanding of how to create your own beats, lyrics, melodies, as well as edit, mix, and master it down into an audio file you can share with the world.

Create A Hip Hop Song in Garageband TUTORiAL


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