Seductive Keys 4 WAV MiDi, wav midi patterns samples audio, WAV, Seductive, RNB, R&B, MIDI, Keys, AUDIOSTRiKE, 80s

Seductive Keys 4 WAV MiDi

Team AUDiOSTRiKE | 03 June 2014 | 175 MB

‘Seductive Keys 4’ is the fourth collection of romantic, smooth and relaxing old school R&B grooves from the 80’s. These sexy grooves are inspired by artists such as The Isley Brothers, Patti Labelle, Bobby Brown, Marvin Gaye, Atlantic Starr, and more. These five R&B styled Construction Kits will take you back to the days of soulful, good R&B music. The kind of music that made couples want to cuddle up together. These sounds and samples are licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in personal and commercial productions. All parts are separated including keys, bass, kick, rim, claps, and more. You’ll find all the essential elements of those romantic 80’s grooves in this pack.


  • 24-Bit WAV & MIDI Files
  • 5 Multi-tracked Construction Kits (MP3s)
  • All tracks are separated
  • Keys & tempos are included

Seductive Keys 4 WAV MiDi

Perfect Piano Loops 2 WAV MiDi, midi patterns samples audio, WAV, RNB, R&B, Piano, Perfect, MIDI, Loops, Hip Hop, DISCOVER, 90 Bpm

Perfect Piano Loops 2 WAV MiDi

DiSCOVER | 30 MAY 2014 | 94 MB

‘Perfect Piano Loops 2’ is part two of a collection of professional piano hooks that can be used for intros and hooks. Each piano hook has two variations that can be used together or stand-alone. These loops are tempo and key-labelled and ready to use in Sony ACID Pro, Logic, Reason, Pro Tools, Cubase, and more. If you enjoy piano melodies similar to Alicia Keys, Elton John or John Legend, this product is for you. These five Construction Kits will give you the inspiration to create professional hit songs. Not only do you get five piano hooks with an A and B section, but you also get the individual piano MIDI files, drum loops and a variety of additional supporting instruments. This pack will give you the same professional quality as many of today’s top R&B, Pop and Hip Hop artists. You’ll find all the essential to make piano melody based productions in the styles of Classical piano, Hip Hop piano, RnB piano and much more. These sounds and samples are licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in private and commercial productions..


  • 24-Bit WAV & MIDI Files
  • Keys and tempos are included
  • All files provided as Royalty-Free
  • 90 BPM
  • 5 piano hooks each with 2 different sections for innovative ideas

Perfect Piano Loops 2 WAV MiDi

The Soul of Neo 4 WAV MiDi FANTASTiC, wav midi patterns samples audio, WAV, Soul, Neo, MIDI, Fantastic

The Soul of Neo 4 WAV MiDi

FANTASTiC | 21 January 2016 | 183 MB

‘The Soul of Neo 4’ is part four of a collection of feel good Neo Soul tunes featuring heartfelt chords and licks that flow like butter. This pack is inspired by Neo Soul makers such as D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Heston, Musiq Soulchild, and more. This pack is tempo and key-labelled and ready to use in Sony ACID Pro, Logic, Reason, Pro Tools, Cubase and many more. These five Construction Kits will give you high-quality music elements that will help you step up your Neo Soul game. These sounds and samples are licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in commercial productions and DJ/remix purposes.

• 24-Bit WAV, MP3 & MIDI Files
• Keys and Tempos are included
• All files provided as Royalty-Free
• Kits in the styles of Jil Scott, D’Angelo Erykah Badu

The Soul of Neo 4 WAV MiDi-FANTASTiC

Silky Rhodes 3 WAV MiDi, wav midi patterns samples audio, WAV, Silky, Rhodes, R&B, MIDI, MAGNETRiXX

Silky Rhodes 3 WAV MiDi

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 19 April 2014 | 133 MB

‘Silky Rhodes 3’ is part three of this collection of soft, smooth and soulful R&B chord changes with sweet grooves. Inspired by Neo Soul and R&B hit-makers Mya, Musiq Soulchild, Tank, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Beyonce, and many more. These four Construction Kits will give you high quality music that will help you put that professional R&B and Soul feel in your productions. These Kits are tempo and key-labelled and ready-to-use in Sony ACID Pro, Logic, Reason, Pro Tools, Cubase, and more. Let the smooth sounds of ‘Silky Rhodes 3’ take your R&B and Soul productions to new heights! These sounds and samples are licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in commercial productions and DJ/remix purposes.


  • 24-Bit WAV & MIDI Files
  • Keys & tempos are included
  • All files provided as Royalty-Free
  • Kits in the styles of Mya, Tank & Jill Scott

Silky Rhodes 3 WAV MiDi

Best Of Vol.4 WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, TV, Trailers, radio advertising, Radio, Promos, P2P, Of, Best of, Best, advertising

Best Of Vol.4 WAV

P2P | 19.05.2017 | 644.9 MB

Bespoke music and sound design. TV & radio advertising, trailers & promos’, corporate production or wherever else tailored audio is required. Our expansive pool of composer and musician talent are all experts in specific genres and production methods and have provided music for literally hundreds of commercials, TV shows, promos & more. Our state-of-the-art Soho studios & suites not only mean production is always of unbeatable quality but that we’re on hand to turn around projects double fast, or faster if thats what you require. What this all adds up to is the provision of some seriously intuitive and nail-on-the-head audio… and some appreciated compliments and big-ups from happy creatives and producers. Get in touch and let us show you why they are smiling.

Best Of Vol.4 WAV

Computer Music   July 2017 DVD CONTENT, windows wav vst plugins audio tutorials presets patches midi patterns news macos kontakt samples audio, July 2017, July, Computer Music, Computer, 2017

Computer Music – July 2017 DVD

P2P | 18.05.2017 | 3.40 GB

English | 118 pages | True PDF | 29 MB

Computer Music’s goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions.

1. Software – StiX CM
2. Samples – Sampled Funk & Soul, CM244, LM – Styline taster pack, Bonus Experimental Soundscapes.
3. Tutorials – Tutorial Videos CM244, Tutorial Files CM244

Computer Music – July 2017 DVD

Crowds Concert Audiences WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, SFX, FX, Crowds, Concert, Audiences

Crowds Concert Audiences WAV

FANTASTiC | 15 May 2017 | 18.7 GB

What if you never again had to worry about the perfect ambience sounds for crowded concert audiences? What if you could just drag two files into your project and you’re in control over applauding, cheering or shouting masses? Our CROWDS – CONCERT AUDIENCES sound effects library does exactly that.

CROWDS – CONCERT AUDIENCES is your best choice for designing realistic crowded concert audience ambiences with ease. Packed with thousands of single files for almost every possible scenario, we bring you the world’s probably biggest sound FX library of this kind and the ultimate concert audience toolkit. From smaller more intimate aulas or clubs to the huge and heavy sound of an enthusiastic open air or stadium atmosphere, you get a seemingly unlimited amount of real-live ambiences to conveniently pick from.

We went out and recorded aulas, studios, clubs, theatres, churches, concert halls, open air festivals and stadiums. Besides the mandatory applause we also captured varied audience reactions like cheering, shouting, mumbling and screaming. All this in multiple variations to perfectly blend them together. Most of the files come in quadrophonic recordings, meaning you have each the front and the rear recording as a stereo file and can mix it the way you want.

CROWDS – CONCERT AUDIENCES bursts at the seams. As one of our biggest SFX libraries yet, with a total size of more than 24GB and more than 4.500 files, it hardly leaves anything to desire.

Using those sounds couldn’t be easier. Just drag and drop the SFX in your personal project and get mind-blowing results instantly.

The files come in 48kHz/24bit WAV files. All files contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible. We’re convinced that this library will be the last CROWDS – CONCERT AUDIENCES SFX library you’ll buy for a very long time.

•Library ships in 48kHz/24bit High Definition Audio
•small, medium, large and huge concert audiences
•24+ GB royalty free, state-of-the-art sound FX
•Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

Crowds Concert Audiences WAV

Dance Hits 1 WAV AUDiOSTRiKE, wav samples audio, WAV, RNB, R&B, Hits, Electro Beat, Dance, AUDIOSTRiKE, 132 BPM, 130 BPM, 128 BPM

Dance Hits 1 WAV

AUDIiOSTRiKE | 30/01/2015 | 122 MB

Dance Hits 1 – Construction Style Electro Beat, Dance, RnB Loops: Over 240 dance pop music loops in acidized WAV format (320MB total). “Dance Hits 1” in construction-style layout. 5 multitrack themes using vast variety of synthesizer sounds, modern basses, organic instruments like flute, guqin 古琴, acoustic guitar…, special fx, drum loops (snares, claps, David Guetta type kicks) featuring hit worthy productions ready for Radio airplay. Each instrument performance is bounced into separate multitrack themes and can be used as a separate original loop theme! Hot and warm sounding electro beat, pop dance riffs, both aggressive and melodic types are included. Inspired by Madonna’s MDNA, Britney Spears, Taio Cruz, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Thaloops is delivering the top sound within the “Dance Hits 1” library.

Totaling over 320 MB of PRO loops, this loop library is filled with the sonics of what’s on Billboard, UK top 40 and other leading top charts right now. The tempo range is 128BPM-132BPM you can mixmatch the snares, kicks, punchy basses, mesmerizing synths from different themes into your own productions. All sounds and musical phrasings are modeled after the sonics of today’s hottest multi-platinum Billboard, UK top 40 recordings. Hundreds of combinations can be done, all the sounds and loops are royalty free. But that’s not it, check the ‘extra’ folder for special FX like sweeps, swishes, reverse pre-hook elements. Check out the demo beat, it includes only the material from the loop-set! Hop in and create your top productions fast.

Multi-Track Instrument elements include
• Bending, Saturated, Distorted, Electric Basses
• Live Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Flutes, Guqin, Wah Violins (Modeled with special FX)
• Modern Sounding, Ducking, Bending, Variously Enveloped Synths with Gritty, Dirty, Melodic, Clean Aspects to the sonics.
• Pads, String Sections, Orchestra Sounds (Harp)

– Beat 1 – 128BPM C minor
– Beat 2 – 128BPM G minor
– Beat 3 – 128BPM D minor
– Beat 4 – 130BPM G minor
– Beat 5 – 132BPM C minor

Dance Hits 1 WAV-AUDiOSTRiKE

Tropical House Sample Pack WAV P2P, wav samples audio, WAV, Tropical House, Tropical, Sample Pack, Sample, Pack, P2P, House

Tropical House Sample Pack WAV

P2P | 13.05.2015 | 244.21 MB

The laid-back grooves of tropical house are on deck this time, and Singular has compiled a generous helping of loops and one-shots to get your musical ideas off the ground . Deep bass plucks, crisp drum hits, and playful synth melodies are just a few of the elements to be found within. There’s even a Sylenth1 bank designed from the ground up. The weather outside may be frightful, but you can still bring some sunny beach vibes to the dancefloor with Tropical House!

Tropical House Sample Pack WAV-P2P

Commercial RnB Trance and Dance Vol.5 ACiD WAV REX P2P, wav rex2 samples audio acid, WAV, Trance, RNB, REX, P2P, Dance, Commercial, ACID

Commercial RnB Trance & Dance Vol.5

P2P | 2011 | ACiD WAV REX | 810 MB

Combining the smoothest RnB progressions with the high energy, club-shaking sounds found in Trance, Electro and other Dance styles, ‘Commercial RnB: Trance & Dance Vol 5’ is a hugely versatile multi-format library that’s set to fuel your next chart-smashing hit.Of course, with such an expertly crafted selection of raw and punchy basslines, in-your-face synth leads, pads, build FX and more, the appeal of this pack isn’t limited to those looking for chart domination. Producers of more underground styles will find plenty of inspirational material suitable for virtually any kind of Electronic music. With every kit consisting of both A & B sections, this pack is about more than re-arranging loops. It’s about building songs. So check out the MP3 demo to hear the cutting edge sounds on offer, and read on to find out more about the complete feature set of this pack.

The “Commercial” Series:
This pack is part of our successful Commercial Series which focuses on delivering current, chart-ready Construction Kits, samples and loops designed to be combined with lead and backing vocal performances to create a new generation of smash hits.

A & B Sections:
You’ll find two complete sections in each kit, allowing you to create distinct verse and chorus sections, or mix and match elements from each section to construct new variations.

MIDI Loops:
Like most other release, this pack features melodic and rhythmic MIDI loops allowing producers to use their favourite synth or sampler sounds with the phrases included. Unlike pre-rendered audio loops, MIDI can be scaled to any tempo and played back at any pitch without glitching or artefacts.

Included with each kit are percussive one-shots, allowing you to construct drum kits in your favourite sampler to create new beats, patterns and fills to augment the included content.

Dry & Wet Versions:
Where possible, dry and effected versions of loops are included, allowing you to create your own FX mix if you wish. Of course, you can still just drag and drop the wet versions to get the same FX mix as heard in the main demo mix above.

FX Tails Included:
As with most Construction Kits, FX tails have been included where possible, allowing you to end a phrase with the natural decay of the loops reverb or delay tail, instead of having to resort to a fade or an abrupt stop.

Vocal Ready:
These kits have been specifically written and mixed to leave room for lead and backing vocals for a commercial, radio ready sound.

SSL Technology:
All individual parts and main mixes have been processed using state of the art outboard SSL technology, delivering an extra polished mix and the highest quality sound possible.

Commercial RnB Trance and Dance Vol.5 ACiD WAV REX-P2P


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